Here I go again! It’s already day two and time to write another blog.   Since I didn’t get any comments to my last blog masterpiece, I will try to give you some insight as to why I wrote this book.   It started with a dream so vivid that the characters in it woke me up in the middle of the night. I quickly jotted down some notes, so I would remember these characters.  Their names came later, but their presence stayed with me while their story unfolded in my imagination.  I never would have imagined that I would ever write a novel, but there I was writing my characters love story, and they wouldn’t let me stop until my book was finished. I was so engrossed in their lives that my husband began to wonder where I had gone to, even though I hadn’t left the house.  I owe a lot to my husband for not divorcing me and letting me tap into my creative talents.  More to come tomorrow so stay tuned.  If I don’t get any comments I’ll wonder where everyone else has gone to. Here’s your chance to tap into your creative talents and write me a comment.

Trish Silver