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Wow…this blogging thing is very time consuming. I’m a fiction writer, but my dear husband says that I can write anything. I want to share with aspiring writers how this experience has been for me, so I may help them in the future. Writing this novel has been the best thing that has happened to me except for marrying my husband, giving birth to my boys and being there when my beautiful grandchildren were born, When I was writing the book, every time that I finished a chapter I shared it with anyone that would listen. Writers tend to be insecure and need the feedback.

My husband and I are huge fans of American Idol. Season two was my favorite, because that is when I heard the voice of the incredible song stylist, Clay Aiken. He moved me and I was hooked. I was never a fan of any singer, well maybe Elvis but not really anyone else. I followed him like a groupie all over the country. He’s the ultimate entertainer and I learned a lot about his overzealous fans (like me) that followed him, spent our life savings, but we all had the time of our lives! Clay made me feel sixteen again. I had a boyfriend before my husband, who happened to be a rock star. Clay, who’s clearly not Aidan (my hero in my novel), helped me indirectly set the ground work for my love story.

My first real job was with a theatrical agency on Sunset Strip. I was hired because of my astrological sign. I’m a Leo! I couldn’t even type, but I fit in because I was neurotic and creative. Welcome to Hollywood! Stay tuned because I will give you hints and tips all about the joys and pitfalls of writing a novel. Is anybody reading my blog yet? Don’t be bashful- comment!



Here I go again! It’s already day two and time to write another blog.   Since I didn’t get any comments to my last blog masterpiece, I will try to give you some insight as to why I wrote this book.   It started with a dream so vivid that the characters in it woke me up in the middle of the night. I quickly jotted down some notes, so I would remember these characters.  Their names came later, but their presence stayed with me while their story unfolded in my imagination.  I never would have imagined that I would ever write a novel, but there I was writing my characters love story, and they wouldn’t let me stop until my book was finished. I was so engrossed in their lives that my husband began to wonder where I had gone to, even though I hadn’t left the house.  I owe a lot to my husband for not divorcing me and letting me tap into my creative talents.  More to come tomorrow so stay tuned.  If I don’t get any comments I’ll wonder where everyone else has gone to. Here’s your chance to tap into your creative talents and write me a comment.

Trish Silver